Thursday was the last day of school before Easter and our week-long spring break so as a fun activity the 3 preschool classes had an Easter egg hunt in the “secret garden” on the campus of Youngstown State. Liam and I tagged along so that we could watch the kids “hunt” for eggs.

Even though I went to YSU for 4 years I never heard of the secret garden. Apparently they’re really good at keeping secrets in Youngstown. Well, I’m about to spill the beans. The secret garden isn’t really a garden at all. It is more like a walled-in courtyard behind Ward-Beecher Hall. The walk from Fedor Hall wasn’t bad and it was nice to see parts of campus I was familiar with years ago.

When we arrived at the garden, eggs were spread all over the grass for the kids to walk around and pick up. Lucas was pretty good at this. He focused on one area and he got down to business picking up the “mess”. He only had to be redirected back to the task a couple of times.

After the kids picked up all of the eggs I let Liam out of his stroller to run around and burn some energy. He thought this was great fun. He even managed to snag an egg from Lucas’ basket.

After the hunt we took the scenic route through campus back to Fedor Hall. I was impressed with how well all of the kids did on the walk. I was feeling it by the end but they didn’t seem to mind at all.

I think all of the fresh air was good for the boys, they were out as soon as their heads hit their pillows last night and even slept in a little this morning. Spring break is off to a good start!


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I am a "SAH" mom of 2 wild and crazy boys.

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