Well, maybe not. I don’t really have any data on that. The one thing I know is that in downtown Youngstown, Ohio on the morning of March 31,2012 it felt frigid. Yes, I am talking about the autism walk.

In spite of the cold temperatures there was a nice turnout on Federal Plaza and people seemed to enjoy themselves.

We arrived at about 9:30 am. It was easy to find parking because arrangements were made with Youngstown State University for us to park in the parking garage on Wick Avenue and take a shuttle to the walk site. I chose to walk down because we were using our gigantic sit and stand stroller for the boys and there was no way “the bus” would fit on the bus provided. It wasn’t bad going because it was downhill, the trip back was a different story.

We only stood in line to register for a few minutes and then it was off to check out the activities.

There was plenty for the little ones to do while we waited for the walk to begin. There was a bounce house and inflatable slide, free cotton candy and face painting. They had Geoffrey Giraffe, the mascot of Toys R Us and a couple of local mascots like the Smiley Face Cookie guy from Eat ‘n’ Park and Pete and Penny Penguin, the mascots of Youngstown State.

For the grownups there was free Starbucks coffee, live music, and a resource fair with plenty of information about autism.

We wandered around checking everything out but it wasn’t long before Lucas was miserable. He hates being cold and it was C-O-L-D. About ten minutes before the walk started he couldn’t take it any more. My mom decided to take him back up to the van while Liam and I stayed behind to walk.

The walk started shortly after 10:30. Liam and I found ourselves at the front of the pack, much to my dismay. I’m more of a hide in the middle or bring up the rear kind of gal. We kept up a brisk pace and were back where we started before we knew it. Liam and I didn’t stick around after we finished, it was just too cold.

The walk back to the parking garage was not as easy as the walk down, especially after the quick mile and a half I just completed but it wasn’t long before Liam and I were warming ourselves in the van.

Even though the weather was less than stellar it was a nice morning. I’m not sure how much awareness we raised about autism because of the cold temperature. Hopefully this will become an annual event.

I wanted to take pictures of our little “team” at the walk but we didn’t stand still long enough so this was the best I could do. :o)


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I am a "SAH" mom of 2 wild and crazy boys.

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